“Instruction was clear and concise. It has been over 35 yrs since I shot a gun and with Tim’s instruction, I feel comfortable shooting again.”  David [ Feb 2019 class]

Training Philosophy (a must read)

All training requires a commitment to do something different. My commitment to you: I will be safety conscious, honest, innovative, and thoughtful as your instructor. My requirement of you is that you approach thinking and doing differently and always try one more time. I am a professional educator which translates into, you will learn from effective instructional techniques. We will laugh, see real progress, and enjoy the training. Finally, all courses require commitment from both me as your instructor and you as a student. To that end I’m committed to investing my energy and time in you. As a result, there are no refunds upon registering (exceptional circumstances may occur and variations are at the sole discretion of LEA-US staff). Be thoughtful and intentional before you register. This mindset translates into an expectation you’ll see in the classroom and on the range. If you have specific needs, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Tim Johnson is the lead instructor for LEA-US. Tim is an NRA certified instructor, Reserve Deputy w/ RCSO Montana, USPSA Production Class B, Steel Challenge Class B, and a professional educator.

Firearm Basics

Firearm Basics – This 3 evening, 6 hour engaging and fun classroom course is for those wanting to learn about firearms, their safe handling/storage, maintenance and ownership responsibilities. This class is intended to be fun and informative while easing the stress related to the safe handling of simulated and real firearms. This course is perfect for those curious, new to firearm ownership, retirees, and those who want to learn about one of the fastest growing sports in the US. This course is run through Corvallis’ Heart of the Valley Adult Education program. This course currently takes place at the Corvallis School District. Register HERE.

Choosing the Right Pistol

Interested in getting a pistol but don’t know where to start? Have a pistol but you’ve never used it?  This 90 minute class is designed to help you choose a gun to buy in the future or help you get familiar with the gun you have and never used. When you complete this course you will walk away with a short list of options and basic pistol familiarity. This course can be combined with the Practical Pistol 1 (CCW qualifying course). Call for more information. Click on this LINK or go to SHOP tab in menu bar to register/pay for the course. I will email you all the necessary information. You Bring: vision protection (sunglasses, clear safety glasses) and hearing protection (earplugs, or over-the-ear hearing protection) and dress for the weather (in layers).

Practical Pistol 1

PP1 – Prerequisite is Firearm Basics and successful completion of the NRA Basic Pistol Blended Course (7 hours) or qualifying experience in the safe handling of firearms (email me your experience). Students needing to complete the best online basic pistol course I’ve ever seen, the NRA Basic Pistol Blended Course should email me to get started ASAP (no NRA membership required). After successfully completing the online course, you’re ready for the hands-on training. PP1 is a hands-on practical use of your pistol tailored to you. Registration is a two part process: 1) upon receiving payment for the course, 2) I will sign you up for the NRA online course and email you info to begin the course. Begin REGISTRATION Here

PP1 includes:

  • STEP 1: NRA Basic Pistol blended course (online portion is 7 hours)
    • Basics of Pistol Shooting book
    • NRA Membership is not required
  • STEP 2: face to face classroom instruction (meets NRA blended course requirements)
    • Baseline pistol shooting evaluation; Final Qualification
    • Two (2) hrs of range time (instructor to student ratios are no more than 1 to 3)
    • Caliber specific Snap Cap trainers for your pistol
  • We start with a baseline shooting evaluation to help identify your current strengths, habits, and areas to improve. Then we hit the classroom building your stance up through your grip, all tailored to you! It all comes together at the range! Range times are scheduled for 2 hrs. You will go through ammo! 350 rounds of ammo is recommended. We finish the class with a revisit of our baseline shooting test. Guns will be cased and unloaded. We finish with a qualifying shooting text and review of Montana concealed carry statutes (required for CCW). YOU BRING: paper/pen (for journaling), eyes and ears protection, ball cap, cased and unloaded pistol, 350 rounds of ammo, holster covering the trigger, belt appropriate to holster, weather appropriate clothing (layers).

Upon Successful completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and practical experience to diagnose your pistol shooting outcomes to build better shooting habits. If you successfully complete NRA Basic Pistol blended course you will receive a certificate of completion.

Personalized Training

Personalized Training – If you’ve taken PP1 or just want more one on one training, email your to do list to me and we’ll make it happen.

Topics can Include: Personal and Home Defense, Hiking Tactics, Draw/Reload, USPSA Competition, Skills for the Retired, Shoot faster and on target, and more.

YOU BRING: paper/pen (for journaling), eyes and ears protection, ball cap, cased and unloaded pistol, ammo, holster that covers the trigger, belt appropriate to holster, weather appropriate clothing (layers). REGISTER Here